Counselling and Therapy is an ever-growing profession and it is vital that as professional counsellors and therapists, we remain up to date with the latest thinking and research whilst also attending to our own personal and professional development.  The quest for self-awareness or self-understanding is a major component of effective reflective practice.  Counsellors need not only to be aware of their skills, knowledge and performance as professionals, but also mindful of any personal factors and knowledge that may interfere or impede their ability to provide an effective therapeutic alliance.

Each Reflective Practice Group at Phoenix will provide a focus of conversation and give Counsellors an opportunity to discuss their experiences with the group and explore different perspectives on the topic under discussion.  These groups povide an excellent opportunity for counsellors who are working on their own in private practice to network with others and reduce the isolation often felt by in the profession.


There are 2 formats to our Reflective Practice Groups

Closed groups of 4 people who commit to meet once a month for 6 months.  The group members will decide their topics and self-learning programme for the agreed period.  The groups are 2 hours in length and are offered at a range of times.  The cost will be £15 per group, total cost £90.

Open groups which will be offered once a month on a range of topics relevant to professional development in counselling.  These groups will focus on counselling both for adults and children.  Group meetings will be usually between 2 – 3 hours in length and offered at a range of times. Booking and payment will be required through PayPal to confirm place and cost will be £20 per session.