Parenting Support

Phoenix Therapeutic Parenting Support Programme (PTPS)

The Phoenix Therapeutic Parenting Support programme was designed at the request of parents and organisations that use our therapy services, who expressed a need for a more tailored parenting programme.  Our programmes focus on the individual needs of parents by building on the parenting skills they have developed, but where they may lack the confidence or feel that they are not being “good-enough parents”.

Our support programme will build on the strengths that parents have and enable them to explore with other parents how they can change their parenting styles to establish a positive relationship with their child or children.

Aims of Phoenix Parenting Support Programme

All our programmes are designed to meeting the following aims:

  •       To promote understanding of children’s behaviour within the context of developmental issues
  •       To promote child/parent relationships
  •       To increase confidence and self-esteem in both parent and child
  •       To give parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
  •       To develop a framework for thinking about parent/child relationships
  •       To promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting
  •       Tuning into your child’s developmental needs
  •       Parent child relationship – having fun together
  •       Self-regulation and anger
  •       Improve Communication

Phoenix is an independent community based counselling service based in Feltham, providing affordable services self-referral therapeutic services for children, parents and adults.

Which Programme is right for you?

What are you looking for in relation to parenting support? Phoenix offers a range of parenting groups:

Being A Parent – Everyday Parenting Programme – 6 week programme.  To help you to understand your child’s emotional development and how this may present though their behaviour. Learn strategies for managing boundaries and develop realistic expectations in relation to your child’s behaviour.

Young Parents Programme – 6 week programme. This is a supportive parenting programme that will help young parents deal with the transition of becoming a parent and the major changes this brings in their lives. How their own individual childhood experiences may influence their present parenting styles and to help build confidence in their own ability to be parents. To develop awareness of their baby or child’s emotional and physical needs and how these can be met.

Domestic Abuse Programme – 6 week programme. This programme will enable parents to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of how their own experience of abuse and trauma within their adult relationships may influence their parenting styles. Through sharing of experiences with others you will: gain confidence in your own ability to make decisions in relation to your child’s physical and emotional safety, gain an insight into your child’s developmental needs, and understand how to establish healthy boundaries and expectations with your child.   We will also look at ways to help establish trust between yourself and your child.

Phoenix is currently developing  further parenting programmes that will focus on: the unique parenting issues experienced by parents who have mental health issues, parenting after addiction, post-natal depression and for parents who have children with a range of special needs.

Please contact us for further details and dates on 0208 890 3133.

Cost of Parenting Programmes

Self-Referral                          £150

Bursary Rate                         £80

Organisational Payment        £180

Payments may be made in 4 instalments.

The Bursary Rate is available for parents who are on state benefits and may be paid in instalments.

To Book A Place

You can book online, or call us and we will send you a booking form. Once we receive your completed booking form we will confirm your place.

Programme Dates

Phoenix parenting programmes are on a rolling programme, so for the next available dates visit our website on or call us on 0208 890 3133, please leave us a message on our answerphone if we not able to take your call.

Would you like more information?

Please call Fran Halford on 0208 890 3133 and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure that our groups will meet your individual needs.

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